Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Massage Workshop for Couples and Friends

Massage... Ahhh.

On Saturday, January 23rd from 9:30am - 4pm, Pompanuck Farm will offer a Couples and Friends Massage Workshop taught by Lisa and Scott Carrino. The Carrinos have been licensed as Massage Therapists since 1986 and have taught popular massage workshops and retreats over the years. Their teaching style is relaxed, informative and fun. They will be assisted by Ashley Bridge, a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Participants will learn to give and receive a simple, relaxing massage with an emphasis on general techniques for sore muscles and joint flexibility.

Learn how giving a massage can be as relaxing and rewarding as receiving one. Participants can discover new ways to care for a partner and find greater understanding of their own and a partner’s physical bodies by communicating through touch.

The tuition for the day is $75 per person and includes a sumptuous vegetarian lunch and refreshments and a take-home massage handout. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a robe, a towel, loose shorts and a tank top or sports bra (for women).

Please contact Pompanuck Farm if a partner is needed to work with. For more information and to register for this workshop, call Scott and Lisa Carrino at 518.677.5552 or email info@pompanuck.org

Looking for a new and unusual valentine gift? Visit the Pompanuck store where many gifts are available, featuring the heart: Coeur de chocolat – layers of alternating black chocolate cake and creamy French chocolate buttercream enrobed in maple syrup laced dark chocolate ganache, colorful corazones –hand painted Mexican tin heart ornaments and, hefty, heart-shaped potholders just to name a few, or, how about a gift certificate for two to Pompanuck’s Couples and Friends Massage workshop?

The Circular Calendar - with Jessica Howard

The Circular Calendar

Thursday, December 27, 2007 1:00-4:00pm

Artist and Educator, Jessica Howard began making circular calendars many years ago, to show the children at Hiland Hall School that the year is actually round, that seasons of the year have definite relationships with each other. In the circular calendar you can see the solstices crossing the diameter with each other and you notice the important days in each. People of many cultures have used the circular calendar to show the cycles and rhythms of the year and it offers us a different view of time passing. We started the tradition of round calendars at Pompanuck a few years ago when we recognized that the blue prints of our Round House reflected the radial nature of the circular calendar. We love to look back at past years and see what has happened in 1/365th of the Pompanuck pie.

Please join us for this day of looking differently at a year of time.

The tuition for this workshop is $25, which includes materials and refreshemnts. You will leave with your own 2008 circular calendar and have fun with this creative play on time. Also, please visit www.hilandhallschool.org

Two days of Tai Ji Learning at Pompanuck

Sundays, January 13 and 20, 2008 from 10am –2pm
with Scott Carrino

Tai Ji as a Path to Centered Living and Sustainability

Tai Ji is an ancient martial art and philosophy rooted in Chinese Taoism. It is practiced in slow and graceful forms using gentle movements and relaxed breathing. It is effective in developing strength, balance and flexibility in the body, mind and heart. Daily practice of Tai Ji promotes improved health by lubricating joints, lowering blood pressure, deepening the breath, increasing the flow of chi throughout the body and instilling serenity and well-being.

The sages of ancient China considered the Five Elements - Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth to be at the heart of health, philosophy, sciences, poetry, environmental design, arts and culture. For thousands of years this has remained so.

In his teaching, Scott focuses on Tai Ji principles of the Five Elements, yin/yang balance, rooting, centering, alignment, and communication. He explores the connections between the yielding, nurturing, quiet and reflective energies of yin energy and the active, creative, outwardly moving energy of yang energy.

Combining exercises and metaphors from the ancient Tai Ji classics with contemporary interpretations, participants in his classes, workshops and retreats discover the relationships of steadiness/unevenness, giving/receiving, and action/inaction. He works with a variety of exercises from Tui Shou, the Tai Ji art of relating and working with others and with the concepts and practice living and relating through the Tao.

Tuition for these workshops is $55 per person, per day and includes a light lunch.


Starting January 8th, Scott is teaching a six-week beginner Tai Ji class on Tuesdays
from 9:00 –10:30am at Hubbard Hall, 25 East Main Street in Cambridge.

Call 518-677-2495 to register. Also visit www.hubbardhall.org

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

a first day's post

Lisa and Scott hope that this blog will give us the opportunity to journal on and share our observations and activities at Pompanuck. We hope to take time to write, as we both have kept journals with varied consistency over many years.

We know it will take a bit to learn to blog well, but we are game...