Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sunday, September 9th
1pm to 5pm
$60 workshop fee

 Would you like to be more comfortable in public situations? Do you find it difficult to let your true self appear in public?  Would you like to be a better public performer or speaker? Then come to Pompanuck Farm for “Public Presence,” a workshop that will help you connect deeply and naturally with others in public situations.

Join gifted coach and author Gary Stine’s mesmerizing presence and powerful message will help you overcome the fears that commonly manifest in our professional and personal lives as:
  •       Fear of public speaking
  •        Performance anxiety in almost any activity
  •        Stage fright for actors or teachers
  •        Just being ill at ease with groups of people
Though these fears may seem unrelated, all have a common source. Public Presence is a half-day workshop that:
  • Addresses the source of these common fears
  • Familiarizes with the exact nature of both your fear and misconception responsible for it
  • Frees you to show who you really are in any public situation
  • Offers numerous exercises to lessen the effects of fear, and
  • Provides opportunities to practice specific techniques that will allow your true self to shine in any public situation
Gary Stine is an experienced workshop leader and one-on-one coach who has melded his eclectic interests and experience in psychology, acting, landscape architecture, and corporate leadership into an innovative perspective on personal growth and transformation. 

Click to purchase your advance ticket: Public Presence with Gary Stine

For more information on what Gary will cover in the workshop, preview his “Fear or Public Speaking” video (Parts 1 and 2) on YouTube:

You can also view information on Gary and his books, The Voice is Just the Vehicle for the Vibe, and Essence and Embellishment, at