Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CircusYoga Programs at Pompanuck!

Friends, Kevin and Erin have taught at Pompanuck for a number of years and what they bring is bigtime Joy, lots of laughter and a powerful sense of peace. These programs are for teachers of all things and parents - really anyone who wants to create more playful and positive relationships with kids and... well... with anyone! Come join in the fun!

CircusYoga Level 1 Teacher Training

Thursday-Sunday, October 16-19, 2008

In our Level One Teacher Training we will cover:

• The fundamental principles and practices of CircusYoga

• Multi-generational Hatha yoga & partnering practices

• Collaborative group play & creativity

• Practices that unify a group: focus, integrate/incorporate, activate

• Playful and dynamic classroom management techniques

• Cultivation of your authentic teaching voice

Training includes a 2.5-hour Public Workshop

$315/tuition and $45/80-page CYTT1 Manual, plus room & meals for 3 days

See Pompanuck Page for room & meals pricing.

See Registration Page for more details.

CircusYoga Community Workshop

for kids & adults ages 7 to 97

Saturday, October 18, 2008


CircusYoga celebrates the whole community, the whole family, the whole person. We foster a spirit of play and provide a level playing field for people of all ages and abilities. We create an environment that is relaxed and playful, and invites people of all generations to share new experiences together such as:

• Community (Sangha) Yoga

• Partner Yoga

• Partner Acrobatics

• Group Games & Invention

• Circus Skills: Juggling, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, etc.

• Clowning & Physical Comedy

• Flying Partner Yoga

• Tightwire & Balance

• Dance & Creative Movement

• Partner Thai Massage

Bring your friends and families and join Kevin & Erin Maile O’Keefe for this workshop that embraces the principles of play, connection, and celebration. Enjoy the spirit of community as we explore circus and yoga that is both accessible and adventurous. And learn how to”FLY!”

$20/adult, $10/kid

For registration call 518-677-5552

Sunday-Thursday, October 19-23, 2008

In our Level Two Teacher Training we will cover:

• Integrate your skills and practices into CY

• Dive deeper into practicing yoga in community

• Develop a specific practice for your community

• Expand your skills in circus practices such as diabolo, devil sticks, poi

• Master the next level of circus skills you already have

• Practice more advanced partner acrobatics in duos, trios, quartets...

• Discover Mandala Yoga and build human and family pyramids

• Include the energy and creativity of the group

• Analyze Parent-kid dynamics and discern when and how to intercede

• Apply the principles and practice of CY to under-served populations—people with disabilities, seniors, pre-schoolers...

• Create a closing ritual that gives your group closure and a celebration

$420/tuition and $25/40-page CYTT1 Manual, plus room & meals for 4 days

See Pompanuck Page for room & meals pricing.

See Registration Page for more details.

Thursday-Sunday, October 23-26, 2008

CircusYoga Teachers from across the country and around the world... Come together for 3 days to share your practice, play and experiences!

Experienced CY teachers and practitioners working in a wide range of applications will share what they've learned and how they've adapted the principals and practices of CircusYoga to their communities. If you'd like to facilitate a session with the group, send in your proposal.

Here are a few of our guiding inspirations for the gathering:

• Advanced flying, circus skills and partner acrobatics

• Peer-led exchanges

• Bridging diverse communities

• Teaching from your heart

• Our teaching heroes

• Recharging our battery

• New practices and games

• Breaking down the walls of isolation

• Aligning inner and outer

• Transparency in teaching

• Looking at the role of the Teacher in society

• Teaching as a spiritual path

This is our chance as teachers to fill our wells, and mostly... PLAY!

$175/tuition, plus room & meals for 3 days

See Pompanuck Page for room & meals pricing.

See Registration Page for more details.

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