Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Messages for Our Times: Visions of Our Future with David Cavagnaro

Pompanuck Farm presents Messages for Our Times: Visions of Our Future, a lecture about the shift in consciousness and other changes underway on the planet on Saturday, March 24 (6-8pm) to be followed by a workshop on Sunday, March 25 (10am-4pm) featuring naturalist, photographer, and sustainable grower, David Cavagnaro. The cost for Saturday evening’s lecture is $20 and for Sunday’s workshop, the cost is $70. Pre-registration by March 20th is $80 for both.

Beyond dispute is the fact that severe and rapid changes are impacting all of life on Earth. Climatic and geodetic events are increasing both in frequency and magnitude. The current solar maximum in the eleven-year sun spot cycle is predicted to be the most intense ever recorded. Global warming is an established fact. Less reported are massive changes in the rest of our solar system, as documented by space probes deployed throughout by Soviet, European, and American space agencies. NASA has quietly reported over 120 examples of “interplanetary climate change” on its web site!

Increasing credence has been given to the significance of the 2012 end date of the long-count Mayan calendar, the very same termination of the tightening spiral of fractal time documented by the Chinese in the King Wen sequence of the I Ching.

At the same time, technological and intellectual advances in every field of science are progressing at geometric rates, yet even as we careen toward peak oil and approach the collapse of major ecosystems, increasingly high level disclosures reveal strategic technological developments being hidden (and in many cases abused) by “black-op” segments of governments and militaries.

In the midst of this dizzying pace of change, a magnificent library of symbolic information is being conveyed to us in fields of grain worldwide. Known as crop circles, over 10,000 of these beautiful symbols in the language of number and sacred geometry have occurred worldwide since the 1990s, the most important concentration around the centers of Megalithic culture in southern England. What do these symbols mean, and what effect are they having on us humans and the land itself? Are these truly “messages for our time?”

Based upon a bibliography of over 80 books, information David compiles for this workshop includes these questions:

  • What is really causing the whole solar system to heat up, and are these changes among the great cycles the Mayans recorded in their long-count calendar??
  • What messages do the numbers and sacred geometry inherent both in ancient monuments and in crop circles encode? Where did/does this information come from?
  • What do numerous recent archaeological discoveries of an ancient global temple culture, many of them under depths of ocean water, tell us about the accepted model of human history?
  • Do we inhabit a multidimensional and fully conscious universe?
  • Can we transition to new forms of energy?
  • Can we integrate advanced technology with sustainability?
  • How can we navigate rapid and perhaps extreme change and at the same time create a new world?

For further information and registration for the Pompanuck Farm workshops contact: David Armbruster at daswan9@gmail.com 518.677.3329

David Cavagnaro is naturalist, photographer, and a sustainable grower. He has a 40 year history of publishing nature and horticultural photography, including authoring 5 books on nature topics. With his background in natural sciences, David has done extensive scientific field work in India, Southeast Asia, Australia, Central America and the Galapagos Islands. In the last 15 years David has done an extensive study of the crop circle phenomenon and its implications related to a dramatic awakening of consciousness.

David is a sustainable grower near Decorah, IA and he has created a non-profit organization with the mission of teaching hands-on cooking, gardening and agrarian life skills, Pepperfield Project (pepperfieldproject.org). David is currently on the board of directors at Seed Saver Exchange (seedsavers.org), a non-profit organization of gardeners dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seed.