Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alberto's Great Escape Wednesday March 12

Alberto's Great Escape
at Pompanuck Farm

On Wednesday, March 12 at 7:00pm, Pompanuck Farm will present Alberto’s Great Escape. A play conceived, written and performed by Carlo Adinolfi and Concrete Temple Theatre.

Elements of dance, clowning, and Commedia dell'Arte bring to life this heart-warming tale, exploring dreams of adventure, the difficulties of leaving home and what it means to be Italian!

The hero of the story is an Italian postal worker who, frustrated by his dead end job, finally reaches the end of his tether and decides to leave home and see the world. However, he is riven by indecision as he finds the gravitational pull of his family and the things he values most more than he can bear. In the confusion of attempting to leave, he bumps his head and enters a strange fantasy world in which he meets the Florida Sunshine Girl. A fantastical journey ensues in which he dances the tarantella, becomes trapped within the walls of his apartment, and battles Strega Cecila. His battle with the witch finally wakes him from his stupor, to find that all along he had the freedom to leave and fulfill his dreams.

Alberto's Great Escape is a charming, touching tale inspired by the profound pathos of the clown combined with the communal folk memory of (Italian born) Carlo and (Italian American) Renee's families. The band 'Le Nozze di Carlo' has created and recorded original Italian folk music for the piece.

Children will love the physical clowning moments in Alberto's Great Escape, while adults will appreciate Alberto's quest and the poetic language.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children. Call 518.677.5552 for reservations.

Concrete Temple Theatre is a multi-disciplinary company that emphasizes the creation of compelling new theatre works, incorporating drama, dance, puppetry, and the visual arts, which focus on the individual's struggle for identity and society's struggle for cohesion. Through touring and presenting workshops in New York City, nationally, and internationally, Concrete Temple Theatre strives to bring myth and ritual back to the center of dialog, while making connections and opportunities for diverse audiences to question and examine their place in the world.

Pompanuck Farm is a not-for-profit eco-retreat center dedicated to sustainability and education in the visual, environmental, movement, musical and healing arts, for children and families.
Please visit to see the schedule and for info and directions to Pompanuck Farm 494 Chestnut Hill Road Cambridge, NY 12816 518.677.5552

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