Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Workshops!

with Lisa Verschoor Smith

Sunday, January 17th
Cost: $50

Registration Deadline: Jan 15th

Did you ever wonder why there are days that some things just never work out? Have you made appointments only to find out that bad weather or other problems stand in the way of you being able to follow through with your plans? Do you consistently experience travel delays??

This workshop will enable you to better choose the right day for the right action whether it's elective surgery, travel, marriage or having your hair done!
The Moon changes astrological sign every few days. Come see how you also can learn to use a celestial calendar and help your life run more smoothly with less hassle and frustration.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain an invaluable tool for transforming your life. Please bring notebook and pen. Wall and pocket calendars available at workshop. No recording devices please.

For more information about Lisa Verschoor Smith you can visit Please bring your own lunch.


Cost: $60

Registration Deadline: TBD

Make a week’s worth of menus based on two simple & very versatile broths.
Lunch is included.

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