Friday, September 24, 2010



7:30 pm

Advance Tickets: $12
Door Purchase: $15

Get ready for somewhoopee jazz, funky folk, soulful klezmer, hot Irish instrumentals and hipster originals with a stage presence that is unleashed, unbridled, uncut and unglued!

Addie and Olin’s wild warbling is accompanied by Olin’s intricate fingerpicking jazz guitar, sonorous 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars and mandolin; and Addie’s cotton pickin’ piccolo, “cool school” sax, ethereal flute, crazy concertina and, the instrument of love, the button accordion, with her hipper than thou shades to the squarest of saddle shoes, all highlighted by madcap visual performances and vaudevillian humor. And they are snappy dressers too!

Fine desserts, including gourmet chocolate desserts, will be available for purchase.

This program is sponsored by Pompanuck Farm Institute, a not‑for‑profit eco-educational center dedicated to sustainable community and individual potential through the visual, musical, movement, environmental, and healing arts.

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