Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Graveyard Poets

Pompanuck Farm proudly presents …

Saturday, October 27TH
Tickets: $10 ($12 at door)

Come join in an evening filled with enchanting & ghoulishly fun entertainment by this dynamic trio! Performing original material written by Peter Maine, the Poets music invokes the spirits of doom, death, heartbreak, sin and inevitable redemption with lots of fun thrown in!

The Graveyard Poets are Peter Maine, Bryan Mull and Deena Chappell...

Peter Maine (Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica) has been writing songs and performing for...well, a long time. He has released several CD's; the latest one being 'Destiny'. Besides for The Graveyard Poets, Peter also performs with The Woodshed Boys, The Roadside Blues Band and the popular Johnny Cash tribute band; The Cash Band.
Always with a faraway look in his eyes and a new song in the works, Peter Maine's music is not to be missed.

Bryan Mull (Lead Guitar, Vocals) hails from the Glens Falls area. Bryan, an exceptionally talented musician, can be found performing with 5 to 7 bands at any given time (including The Woodshed Boys), but The Graveyard Poets is his favorite! His mastery of guitar styles ranging from spooky slide to raging rock is the lifeblood of this tantalizing trio.

Deena Chappell (Bass, Mandolin, Vocals) has been performing professionally in the region for...a while. A versatile performer, Deena is well versed in the genres of rock and roll, bluegrass, swing, blues and, as of late, ancient sanskrit chanting! She has released two albums of original material since 2009; The Voices of the Archetypes and The Continuing Story of Roses in Crazyland. Always up to something musical, Deena can be found performing around the area; solo or with bands like The Graveyard Poets and the kirtan band, Devi.

Come check out this band; if you dare! Deep, dark thought provoking lyrics combined with the compelling harmonies of Maine, Mull and Chappell, The Poets are sure to send a chill down your spine and put a ghastly grin on your face.

Check out The Graveyard Poets music at www.graveyardpoets.bandcamp.com

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